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Smell Proof Gonzo Bag

Small size gonzo bag

XL Bag $119.95

Large Bag $53.95

Medium Bag $37.95

Small Bag $26.95+ Shipping and Handling

With the smell proof Gonzo Bag, you get peace of mind. Even a dog can’t smell what’s inside! Bag dimensions are 12 inches wide by 24 inches tall when sealed for a large bag, which holds up to two pounds/three liters. Medium bags are 11 inches wide and eight inches tall, with volume approximately a half liter (1/4 pound). The small bag is seven inches square and holds one ounce. The extra-large custom bag ($119.95 + shipping and handling) measures 18 inches wide by 30 inches long, and can hold up to six pounds. All bag sizes are protected under U.S patent 8,840,306 B1.

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The revolutionary Gonzo Bag was created by an environmental scientist and a marketing design expert to make the storage and transport of almost any odoriferous substance a totally "smell free" experience. It utilizes a patent pending double-walled bag sandwich design with a layer of activated charcoal media in between the bags. The activated charcoal media will absorb 100% of any organic molecules that seep through the inner bag and trap them before they can escape to the atmosphere, where people, a dog, a bear, or any animal can smell them.

Many people think that merely vacuum sealing items in Foodsaver or Seal-A-Meal bag will completely contain odors. This is not true, as even very large, complex organic molecules will slowly seep through any plastic bag and become detectable on the outside. The activated charcoal media in the Gonzo Bag "grabs up" these fugitive molecules and keeps them bound inside the second bag, until the activated charcoal media is completely saturated. We've designed the Gonzo Bag so that there is enough activated charcoal in the media to absorb even the smelliest chemical compounds for many months, if used as directed. The Gonzo Bag is designed to be reusable and resealable. You can use the Gonzo Bag to store food while camping to keep inquisitive and hungry animals away, store used dog poop bags until you get to a trash can, store smelly diapers, and plenty of other similar uses.


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