Smell Proof Bag

There are may benefits that come along with the usage of a smell proof bag. Smell proof bags are a must if you are taking an extended road trip and you don’t want to continuously stop every time you need to dispose of smelly items, such as baby diapers, old food and other such noxious substances. They are also extremely useful around your home, especially if you are having friends or family members over, and you don’t want your home to smell like the dog’s bed or his play toys. Anything you want to conceal can be contained in one of our innovative storage bags. This is the magic and the benefits of using Gonzo Bags.

Here at Gonzo Bags, we are considered the industry leader in the field of the smell proof bag, and our products are significantly effective and extremely affordable, compared to our competitors. We offer our products in several sizes, and for whatever uses you find for using our smell proof bags, you will find them of the highest quality and effectiveness. With over twenty five years of education and experience, we have developed the most innovative and useful ideas and approaches for the best means to keep a little bit of privacy in your life, and keep the smell out.

There is no getting away from it. Several of the most potent and expensive herbs come with an extra attribute that the majority of individuals would want to control: they are a bit on the stinky side. It may be great to have the fresh herbs in the kitchen but would not it be great to abolish the odors, as well? It it one thing to have the smell of daisies pervading your house, but the smell of garlic and some other herbs could be a bit overpowering, to say the least. Unlike other substandard types of these products, ours are manufactured using charcoal, a natural odor neutralizer.

 In case you are spending good money on the best quality herbs, do not fall at the very first hurdle and let the air in, as well as the odors out. Both processes diminish the potency and quality of the herb (oxygen in the air reacts with several of the essential oils in a few herbs, degrading them and ultimately ruining them). Demonstrate to your herbs, and to your home, a bit of love and keep them both dry, fresh and totally odor free with these outstanding, low priced products. The taste of your cooking will definitely improve, and you will be feeding your family healthful fresh herbs and delicious spices.

If you would like some additional information regarding the benefits of using our smell proof bag, Gonzo Bags would like to invite you to visit our website. At, you can learn more about the many uses for our bags, and how they actually work. On our home page, you can leave your contact information, or you can call us at 707.572.0850, and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members.

Smell Proof Bag
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