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If you have ever wondered why people choose to purchase smell proof bags, we can think of several reason why someone would prefer to keep certain odors contained. One of things that first comes to mind is the fact that many good things in life, things that actually benefit our health, just plain smell bad. It’s important to present an aura of pleasantries within your home, car or storage spaces, and it’s quite unpleasant when an unfortunate smell comes into play. If you would like your living spaces to be free from noxious odors, Gonzo Bags can provide you with the tools that are required to conceal any unwanted smells.

At Gonzo Bags, we are referred to as the leading manufacturer of high quality and affordable smell proof bags which are guaranteed to hide and conceal any unwanted odors. We have over twenty five years of experience and education, which has allowed has to develop the most effective and innovative approaches and methods when it come to the science control of odor. When oxygen and air combine with many types of herbs and spices, they can defeat the purpose of having these fresh items readily available in you home. Cooking and baking with fresh herbs and spices totally changes the taste of the food, and you and your family will see, and taste the difference.

One of the most awesome ways to make good use of our smell proof bags can be found if you are an avid hunter. As a seasoned and experienced game hunter, you are fully aware that any animal, especially a deer, can smell you and your personal items from a mile away. Although you can coat yourself down with many different types of scent deterrent sprays, you can not risk it on your personal belongings, such as your cell phone, your snacks and even your bottles of water. As you know, it is extremely important to enter the woods in stealth mode, and the best way to achieve this is by hiding the fact that you are even there. 

Speaking of enjoying the great outdoors, our smell proof bags are also an excellent form of concealment when you and your family or buddies are taking a camping trip. Bears and other animals just wait for the opportunity for you to take a hike or a swim and then rummage through your food stock. Being several miles away from the closest grocery store can have you in quite a bind if your food surplus is gobbled up by the nearest hungry animal. Keep all of your food and personal items safe from curious animals, and keep them securely stored in our bags.

If you would like some additional information regarding the benefits of using our smell proof bags, Gonzo Bags would like to invite you to visit our website. At, you can leave your contact information, for a fast response. You can also call us at 707.572.0850, and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps.

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